Because there is power in numbers, Malimbe has partnered with the leading transport companies in Nigeria. The main players in the industry have come together because, together, we are stronger and we can provide better and more consistent quality to our readers and clients.

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OUR Vision
  1. To encourage and empower our Nigerian youth through creating a dialogue about the country’s success stories.
  2. To contribute to the preservation and promotion of Nigerian heritage and culture.
  3. To improve Nigeria’s image locally and abroad.
OUR Mission
  1. Use our passion for design, culture and business to create the highest quality content, sharing the best of Nigeria.
  2. We believe in the power of connection, dialogue and collaboration. Malimbe aims to be a means for partners to continuously engage, learn and explore opportunities in the digital and printed worlds.
What is a malimbe?

The Ibadan Malimbe is a beautiful endemic and endangered bird from Nigeria. When it surges in to the skies, away from the busy and noisy day to day life of Nigeria, the Malimbe can peacefully observe the best of Nigeria from the heights. We do the same.

Consistently Nigeria has been rated by most international organizations as one of the toughest countries to live in. We see that as something which makes us special; we are resilient, committed, ambitious and real. Nigeria is a colourful and diverse country, home to over 500 ethnic groups. Arts, fashion, fin-tech, literature, Nollywood and business have exploded to create the most exciting cultural and entrepreneurial scene in Africa. Connecting tradition and innovation, Nigeria is a country full of opportunities with a talented, passionate youthful culture. A single year in Lagos can give you the experiences that might take a lifetime to acquire.

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